Hallmark House

Hallmark House

Prospect, KY, US, 40059


WINNER of the 2022 Memory Care Award!

Hallmark House Memory Personal Care Community has

Maintenance Staff:

at our community in Prospect, KY.

BC/BS individual health insurance plan for $75 per pay period and family plan for $150 per pay period.

Contact us at (502) 290-6706 for more information!:

How you will make a difference

* Complete home modifications in order to improve/maintain the home, equipment and utilities in good working order as directed. Install and/or maintain Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS).

How you will spend your time

* Meet physical and sensory requirements stated below and be able to work in the described environment.
* Identify and participate in process improvement initiatives that improve the customer experience, enhance workflow, and/or improve the work environment.
* Perform repairs and maintenance on home, equipment, and supplies.
* Know and follow established safety rules and policies and procedures of the maintenance department.
* Maintain the home in good repair and assess for hazards such as those caused by electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems.
* Perform routine maintenance and repair work, such as painting, minor carpentry, repair work, changing light bulbs, and various other routine maintenance tasks.
* Complete daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly scheduled maintenance requirements.
* Follow all OIG state guidelines and create forms as needed.
* Check maintenance book and complete tasks.
* Rehab apartments after move outs and before move ins.
* Order supplies as needed for the maintenance department.
* Keep work areas and storage rooms neat and orderly.
* Keep update SDS book available in Utility area.
* Keep work area clean, organized, and neat.
* Follow and stay within the maintenance budget. If needed supplies go over budget, get approval from Administrator.
* Contracted work (Example: HVAC, Lighting, Plumbing Companies, etc.) get approval from Administrator.
* On call for emergency maintenance needs.
* Follow all policies and procedures of the community.

* Other special projects and duties, as assigned.

The qualifications you will need

* Highschool diploma or GED, preferred.
* Ability to operate various pieces of equipment to include: lawn mower, weed eater, blower, edger, pressure washer, chainsaw, etc.
* Ability to communicate at all levels of organization and work well within a team environment in support of company objectives.
* Strong attention to detail and accuracy, excellent organizational skills with ability to prioritize, coordinate and simultaneously maintain multiple projects with high level of quality and productivity.
* Must be able to do basic arithmetic, read, write, and understand instructions.
* Must have least 2 years’ experience.
* Able to push, pull, and carry up to at least 50 lbs., perform bending and stretching movements and standing for long periods of time.
* Compassionate and capable of handling stress.
* Follow confidentiality obligations regarding residents.
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
* Ability to undertake a variety of diverse tasks and work in a multidisciplinary environment.
* Function independently, and have flexibility, personal integrity, and the ability to work effectively with stakeholders and vendors.